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Our team instils healthy dental habits in kids and helps them realize a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Children's Dentistry in Sedalia, MO

At Tiger Family Dental, we treat patients of all ages, including children. And our Sedalia dentists are great with kids, putting them at ease from the very first visit to our office.

We believe that instilling healthy dental habits in children early on is crucial to their long-term oral health. And positive impressions from the start may prevent dental anxiety from developing as your child grows toward adulthood.

If you would like to schedule an exam for your child, or if you have any questions, contact a member of our team. Meanwhile, read through the headlines below to learn more.

Early Dentistry for Children in Sedalia, MO
Our Dental Services for Kids
Helping Your Child Relax
Why Children Need Regular Dental Appointments
How to Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy
Why Choose Our Dental Office

Early Dentistry for Children in Sedalia, MO

Your child's first visit should happen around the time of their first birthday or within six months of the first tooth eruption. Early appointments are designed to see if teeth are coming in correctly and if there are any oral health issues, including jaw alignment problems.

During these first visits, we work to break the ice with your child. We want to establish trust by helping him or her get to know the team. We also familiarize your child with the dental instruments, including the fun dental chair that goes up and down.

Your child's dentist in Sedalia, MO will also discuss any findings with you, and a team member will arm you with the best resources and tips to help you clean your child's teeth between dental visits. And, of course, we always have time to answer your questions and address your concerns. We understand that your child's oral health is a collaboration between you and the dentist.

Our Dental Services for Kids

At Tiger Family Dental, we concentrate on prevention. This means we invest in the services and technologies that contribute to your child's long-term oral health. Preventing dental conditions means less time in the dental chair in the future.

Our preventive services for children include:

  • Comprehensive exams
  • X-rays as needed
  • Professional teeth cleanings for older children
  • Dental sealants to help fight cavities
  • Fluoride treatments to strengthen and remineralize enamel
During your child's routine checkups-typically every six months-your dentist is looking at the way his or her teeth are coming in and even their jaw alignment. It is always better to catch a problem sooner than later.

General dentistry for kids is where we reverse oral health conditions to restore health. Treatments may include dental fillings to repair cavities.

We also help older kids transition into independent brushing and flossing by offering chairside instructions.

Our goal is always your child's best oral health.

Helping Your Child Relax

We offer televisions in every room-and even massaging chairs-to promote relaxation and distraction. Additionally, our dental team is always calm and soothing, especially when it comes to our littlest patients.

Many people experience dental anxiety, so it's a phenomenon we understand well. And we also understand the natural fear and anxiety children often experience when in a new environment. We go out of our way to ease any worries your child has about being in our dental office. Our dentists and staff members are all kind and friendly, and they would love to get to know your child.

Children enjoy visiting our dental office, and we love seeing them!

Why Children Need Regular Dental Appointments?

Regular dental appointments are important for children of all ages. If your child begins seeing the dentist early on in life, the dentist can help detect any problems with your child's growing teeth or the alignment of his or her bite. With regular visits, we will also be able to advise you on how to care for your child's teeth and spot any developing oral health issues, like cavities.

As your child grows, the dentist can monitor your child's oral health, growth, and development, making sure everything is normal and staying on track.

If it becomes apparent that your child needs orthodontics to straighten his or her teeth or to fix a misaligned bite, we will have the opportunity to intervene quickly, making any necessary corrective procedures easier, and usually more effective.

The earlier orthodontic treatments are started, the better. Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite could lead to oral health issues like cavities or jaw problems. If those issues are addressed with orthodontics quickly, your child will enjoy better oral health.

How to Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

Oral healthcare for children should begin before you can even see their teeth! As a baby, before your child's teeth have begun to come in, you should begin cleaning his or her mouth regularly by rubbing a clean, damp cloth over the gums.

Once your baby begins to teeth, you can start carefully brushing the tiny teeth with an infant toothbrush.

Once children are old enough to brush and floss on their own, they should be taught good oral hygiene habits.

Below are some tips to help keep a child's teeth healthy:

  • Teach your child not to skip tooth brushing or flossing. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, every day.
  • Visit your children's dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. It is important to start this habit early and keep it going. This encourages your child to maintain good oral health practices over a lifetime!
  • Be mindful of your child's diet and try not to allow too much sugar. To keep your child's teeth healthy, you will need to limit sugar intake, including sugary beverages.
If you do allow your child to consume sugary foods or drinks, rinse out his or her mouth with water afterward or ask the child to brush his or her teeth. That will help wash away some of the sugar so it doesn't linger in the mouth, sticking to the teeth. When sugar sticks to the teeth, it leads to the development of cavities.

Overall, use the same strategies to care for your child's teeth that you use to care for your own oral health. Encouraging your child to follow good oral hygiene practices may even help you improve your own in the long run! You can make brushing and flossing your teeth an event you do together if it makes it easier to follow through on.

Why Choose Our Dental Office

As a family dental office, we provide dental services for people from all walks of life, from babies to adults. That means you can bring your entire family to our office for dental treatment!

Often, we find it is easier and more convenient for parents to share the same dental office as their children. You can book appointments together, saving time with scheduling, and you'll develop a closer bond with your dentist and the dental staff if they are treating your entire family.

A patient who visits us as a child may end up receiving dental care from us well into adulthood!

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