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Dentures in Sedalia, MO

If you are facing the extraction of some or all of your teeth, you might be wondering about which tooth replacement options are available to you. At Tiger Family Dental, we strive to provide our patients with the treatment options that work for their lifestyle, budget, and needs.

Not Your Grandparents' Dentures

If your grandparents had dentures, you might be picturing the boxy, fake-looking teeth of the past. We are pleased to say that dentures have come a long way since your grandparents' time. Instead of chalky, one-tone denture teeth that inevitably ended up on the table in a glass, Dr. Jon provides realistic looking, comfortable dentures for our patients.

Dentures are made up of artificial teeth in a pink resin or metal base. Some partial dentures also come in flexible materials. The denture teeth we use today come in a vast array of colors and shades to match your facial tone, gender, and hair color so they actually look real.

Complete and Partial Denture Options

If you still have some of your natural teeth, we can use them to anchor your partial denture. Partial dentures have metal wires that grab onto your remaining teeth and provide additional stability. Even if you have only a few teeth, this can help hold your denture in place.

Dentures fill out your facial features so you can avoid the sunken appearance that is common with tooth loss.

For patients who need all their teeth extracted, a complete denture will give you your smile again. Complete dentures work by creating suction with your upper palate and lower bony ridge. For some people, this fit can pose a challenge, especially for lower dentures, which seem to pose the most problems.

To ensure a great fit, we can use dental implants to give you added stability with your denture so you can actually wear them comfortably.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Even just four dental implants can give you enough stability for your denture to lock in place. Because dental implants have bone-preserving benefits, your dental implants will help you keep the bone you have.

We use 3-D cone bean imaging to determine the best location to place your dental implants within your bone. Choosing the correct location will improve your long-term success. We will place your dental implants and allow them time to fuse with your natural bone before providing you with a permanent implant-retained denture. We can provide a temporary denture while you heal so you don't have to go without teeth for several months.

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Do I still need to go to the dentist if I have dentures?
How to Care for Your Dentures
Dentures and partial dentures in Sedalia, MO stand in for missing teeth. If you have full tooth loss, complete dentures are often the best option. If you have partial tooth loss, we recommend partial dentures. In either case, it is vital to maintain healthy gums to prevent periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a severe infection of the ligaments and tissues that support your teeth. Without treatment, periodontal disease may lead to dangerous medical situations like heart attack and stroke.

Your dentist in Sedalia recommends yearly checkups to make sure your gums are healthy, and tissue adaption is ideal concerning your dentures or partial dentures in Sedalia, MO. Your dentist also looks at ulceration and screens your mouth for oral cancer, so it is imperative to visit Tiger Family Dental to make sure everything is ideal.

Over time you may also need a denture reline or replacement restoration as your bone recedes.

Contact Your Dentist in Sedalia, MO
If you're due for a yearly check-up for your dentures, call Tiger Family Dental to schedule your appointmentin Sedalia, MO today. We look forward to helping you care for your dentures and keeping your gums healthy for life. Also, contact a member of our dental team if you have any questions.
How should I care for my dentures?
If you are living with tooth loss, dentures are an excellent solution for replacing an entire arch of missing teeth. A denture is an appliance that you can easily remove, and it is typically made of acrylic to complement your skin tone with natural-looking teeth that provide both function and a beautiful smile. When you invest in reclaiming your smile and your confidence, you want to be sure that you know how to properly care for your denture and gain the most longevity from your investment.

Tips for Caring for Dentures
  • Remove your denture or partial after eating and rinse them off. This will keep food debris from accumulating on them.
  • Brush your dentures daily in the evening. DO NOT use toothpaste as the abrasiveness will create micro-cuts that will retain bacteria.
  • Soak your dentures overnight in water or a solution.
  • Never leave your dentures out on the counter or out in the open, especially if you have a pet.

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I can't seem to get dentures that fit. Can you help?
We Work to Make It Right For You
Dentures that fit properly are important for so many reasons! Properly fitting dentures prevent denture sores, make it easier for you to eat, and keep you from embarrassing moments.

Our patients who come to us with a history of ill-fitting dentures find solutions with Dr. Ehlers. We know how stressful it can be and can how this problem can even limit your social life and keep you from the people you love. After all, who wants to go to a restaurant if your dentures may fall out while you chew?

We are committed to getting it right!

Dental Implants Made Be A Solution
Did you know that just a few dental implants on your upper and lower arch can keep your wobbly dentures in place? You will be able to eat more foods you love and enjoy laughing and smiling again - some of our favorite things!

Dental implants provide you with an anchor to lock in your dentures and keep them stable. Implants assist when your bone is simply not enough. The added benefit is that dental implants can help you keep the bone you have longer.

Dentures don't have to be a sentence for a lifetime of soft foods and meals alone. We can create attractive dentures that look and feel great! Call today!
What's the difference between dentures and partials?
A full or partial denture is a removable appliance that restores multiple missing teeth. A full denture replaces a complete arch of missing teeth, while a partial denture restores numerous missing teeth, but allows for remaining healthy teeth to remain present.

A full denture relies on a snug fit and suction to the jawbone to stay in place, which can result in some movement and slippage from time to time for some patients. A partial, on the other hand, uses metal clasps that attach or anchor to healthy teeth to remain in place.

Partial dentures have artificial teeth strategically attached to the appliance that fill in the gaps in your smile, while a denture is essentially a set of acrylic teeth designed thoughtfully with your facial structure and skin tone in mind to deliver a natural appearance.

Dental implants can be used to anchor both a partial or full denture, which eliminates slippage when patients are talking or eating and provides extra longevity by protecting the health of the jawbone.

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Will people be able to tell that I have dentures?
Dentures That Look Like Real Teeth
Modern dentures are designed to look real and function similarly to natural teeth. Additionally, the team at Tiger Family Dental takes every measure to make sure that your new dentures or partials look natural and beautiful. We want you to have dentures in Sedalia that make you proud to smile! And the process we undergo has several steps to ensure the most aesthetic outcome possible.

The first step is visiting your dentist in Sedalia to make sure dentures are the best option for your tooth loss. If dentures are the right option, we take an impression of your mouth. That model is used to create dentures that fit and function naturally.

Your dentist in Sedalia, MO has fitted countless patients with dentures over the years, and we think you'll be pleased with your new smile and surprised by how natural your new dentures look.

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If you're ready for natural-looking dentures in Sedalia, MO, contact Tiger Family Dental today! If you have questions about dentures or are looking to upgrade to a more modern appliance, we can also help you.

Our goal is to give you the smile you've been looking for - a smile that fits and functions correctly!