Teeth Whitening in Sedalia, MO

If you are like most adults, you probably looked in the mirror one day and noticed that your smile was just not as bright as it used to be. For coffee drinkers and tobacco users, this moment probably came a lot earlier in life!

Teeth naturally stain as we age, even without help from lattes, wine, and cigarettes. Day-to-day use can leave your teeth looking dull because of the foods and beverages we consume each day. Colorful foods like curry, beets, and blueberries can build up over time and cause your teeth to appear yellow or brown, making you look older than you really are.

A compelling and attractive smile can be a powerful asset, especially in a world that values symmetrical and white teeth. It's impossible to scroll through photos and posts on social media and not see smile after smile, each as alluring and brilliant as the last.

Decades ago, they would have been referred to as "Hollywood" smiles, but these days cosmetic dental procedures aren't reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. Yellow, brown, discolored, or stained teeth can ruin an otherwise perfect and lovely smile, but the good news is that you can easily gift yourself a whiter smile-in the time it takes to have lunch.

At Tiger Family Dental in Sedalia, we can help. We offer a way to whiten your teeth and restore them to the bright, white beauties of your youth.

What Is the Teeth Whitening Process?

Professional teeth whitening comprises of a high-quality, professional-grade bleaching gel that makes your teeth several shades lighter. This procedure delivers top-rate results in a relatively short period of time.

Why Teeth Start Looking Dull

Have you noticed that your smile seems to be less bright as the years go by?

Most teeth are naturally white mixed with yellow because the second layer (called the dentin) has a pale yellow hue. Enamel itself has a bluish or gray tint and is translucent. Due to this translucent property, light can pass through easily and reveal the dentin underneath. As we age, the enamel thins or wears away to expose the dentin.

Enamel can wear away quickly due to bruxism (clenching and grinding teeth) and natural aging. Therefore, even healthy and clean teeth can appear yellow despite daily brushing and flossing. Foods like tomato sauce, curries, dark berries, and beverages like red wine, coffee, tea can stain your teeth and make them dull. Smokers often have yellow or brown teeth that cannot be easily whitened through brushing and flossing alone.

We can't stop the hands of time, but we can take steps to melt away the years by eliminating stains at our Sedalia dental office.

What Is the Teeth Whitening Process?

Before any cosmetic dental procedure, Dr. Ehlers will perform a dental check-up and cleaning to determine that there are no underlying issues that need to be addressed first.

We offer take-home teeth whitening trays at our Sedalia dental office that are fabricated specifically for your teeth. We use impressions that Dr. Jon Ehlers designs during your first office visit. Together, we will choose your desired shade and base the strength of the bleaching gel on our goal. The entire process is efficient and straightforward.

Dr. Ehlers will supply you with your custom teeth whitening tray along with instructions on how to wear the trays and when to use them. While it might make sense to leave them on longer to speed up the process or lighten your teeth to the extreme, it will actually only serve to cause sensitivity and irritate your gums. By following our advice and guidance, you won't have to worry about teeth sensitivity.

You can choose your own whitening schedule to fit your busy life; our goal is to make your life easier (and more attractive!) The best part is how quick this procedure is, it can take two weeks for a new, white smile.

Professional Grade Whitening Trays Are Better Than Store-Bought

If you try to whiten your teeth with over-the-counter whitening products, you might feel overwhelmed at the number of products and brands claiming to whiten your teeth to professional-grade levels. You might have even tried some of these products yourself, with less than impressive results.

The fact is, despite what the package claims, it is highly unlikely that anything store bought will ever get to the same strength level as in-office teeth whitening. Our teeth whitening kits have a professional-grade concentration of the whitening elements. You would have to use multiple drug store kits for an extended period of time to see satisfactory results.

Non-professional store kits are made to work with any customer, even though everyone has different teeth. At Tiger Family Dental, we customize our teeth whitening trays so that the gel doesn't leak on your teeth or the gum line. Tiger Family Dental's whitening trays incorporate desensitizing ingredients to make your cosmetic dental treatment as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Ehlers will be available throughout your whitening procedure; we will be able to answer any questions or provide answers at any time.

Whitening your teeth can dehydrate them and cause them to appear dry or blotchy. This is temporary. If you have time before your special event or you prefer to whiten your teeth on your own time, we offer custom take-home teeth whitening trays and professional-strength whitening gel to help you achieve a brighter smile in the comfort of your home.

We take impressions of your teeth to make whitening trays that will fit well and hold your whitening gel in place on the surface of your teeth - where it belongs. This prevents leakage onto your gums, which can cause sensitivity and irritation. You can wear your trays for an hour or two each day for a couple of weeks until you reach your desired shade.

If your teeth feel sensitive, you can skip a day or two between treatments.

Are You Ready for a Whiter Smile?

Are your teeth yellow and dull? Are you ready to have a flashy, million-dollar smile? Schedule your teeth whitening in Sedalia, MO, by contacting our dental office to learn more about teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry options.

We are pleased to help you achieve a beautiful smile that makes you feel great about the way you look!


Does whitening cause sensitivity?
Whitening can be a side effect of bleaching due to the nerve of the tooth being irritated by the peroxide found in the bleaching agent. No harm is caused to your teeth during the process and the discomfort will go away once you are finished with the treatment. To help with the sensitivity during the treatment; there are many desensitizing toothpastes that you can use to help with the sensitivity.
Does whitening work on all teeth?
Whitening will not work on Crowns, Veneers, or fillings.