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The average person makes a vast number of choices during their lifespan – 773,000 of them, to be more precise. But according to research, people end up regretting about one out of every seven decisions, meaning each one of us could make over 100,000 bad choices in our lifetimes, which seems like a lot. So one way to avoid poor decisions is to weigh your options carefully based on a set of objective qualities.

This process is ideal for finding a dentist in Sedalia, MO. If you know what to look for, you're more likely to be happy with your selection. So for those searching for a dentist near me, here are a few reasons you should consider Tiger Family Dental and Dr. Jon Ehlers.

Leading-Edge Dental Technology

One especially vital aspect of a modern dental office is its embrace of technology, which has enhanced the experience in many ways. For example, the images of your teeth that Dr. Jon uses to diagnose problems have become exponentially more precise with the use of a 3-D cone beam, digital x-rays, and an intraoral camera.

We also take advantage of advances to make your visit more comfortable. For example, during your procedure, you can enjoy a gentle massage at the touch of a button. Another way we help is to provide a pleasant distraction in our treatment rooms by way of screens so you can watch your favorite program during treatment.

Community Recognition

It's one thing for a dentist to talk about how great they are, but when their friends and neighbors agree, it's worth taking notice. At Tiger Family Dental, we are proud to be one of Missouri Magazine's Best of 2021 dental categories. We appreciate our place in the Sedalia community. We are happy to contribute quality and compassionate dental care for the surrounding communities of Cole Camp, Green Ridge, Windsor, Ionia, Smithton, Tipton, Marshall, La Monte, and Otterville.

Always Read Testimonials and Reviews

Along with community recognition, Dr. Jon's patients have generously shared their experiences with his team. Each of these accounts can help assemble a complete picture of the care we are so happy to provide. We encourage you to check reviews and testimonials whenever possible.

Family Dental in Sedalia, MO

You have many choices for family dentistry in our community, and it's a decision you should make carefully. Don't hesitate to call today for more information about how we serve the whole family.

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