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Many people think of cosmetic dentistry as a luxury for only the elite; however, did you know it can include anything from professional teeth whitening to a dental crown or veneer? Another fact you might not have realized about cosmetic dentistry is that it goes hand-in-hand with restorative dentistry, which means that you're enjoying a more beautiful smile and teeth that function better.

While having a healthy, beautiful smile that you're proud to share with others boosts your confidence, it also provides several "behind the scenes" advantages you might not have considered before.

#1 Improved Nutrition

We mentioned that cosmetic dentistry often restores function to your teeth and bite. When you can comfortably eat your food, you can enjoy any foods you like and enhance your nutrition.

#2 Better Dental Health

When you have teeth that are correctly aligned and in good health, it's easier to brush, floss, and maintain your dental health. In addition, science has shown definite links between oral health and general health with connections between gum disease and other non-dental health concerns. Therefore, taking good care of your dental health also means taking care of your overall well-being.

#3 Less Strain to Your Budget

When your dental health is easy to maintain, you'll likely encounter fewer future dental problems. Conversely, when you ignore your dental health, issues can build and fester, becoming increasingly more problematic and causing the need for more complex dental procedures.

For example, undetected tooth decay may not be painful at first, and it's easy to treat with a simple dental filling. But when you leave tooth decay undiagnosed or untreated, it gets worse and progresses further into your tooth, where it can eventually reach your nerve and cause an infection. You will need root canal treatment and a dental crown to preserve your tooth if that happens.

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